ALEKSANDRA 11 Ltd. reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these   terms and conditions by giving a prior notice.

By ordering ALEKSANDRA 11 Ltd. service by telephone, e-mail or it's website the Client agrees to be bound by ALEKSNADRA 11 Ltd.  terms and conditions.


1.Minimum of 2 hours per cleaning visit applies.

1.1 For fortnightly service, minimum visit of 3 hours applies.

2.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right to suspend cleaning services, if payments are missing.

3.Client agrees to provide a list of tasks and all cleaning materials and equipment needed for the required work, unless other arrangements have been made.  If the Client does not have cleaning materials and asks Aleksandra 11 Ltd. to purchase requested items on their behalf, she/he understands that an applicable charge will be assessed.

4.Client understands that the price he/she has been quoted does not include anything apart from cleaning and ironing labour.

5.If an Aleksandra 11 Ltd. operative needs to collect keys from a third party's address outside the postal code of the premises where work is to be carried out then a £10.00 charge will apply.

6.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. will not be responsible for triggering any alarm systems. Customer should give any special instructions for deactivation/activation of any household alarm systems.

7.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right not to continue with the job, if on inspection, it is found that the surface to be cleaned or treated, is not suitable for cleaning or treatment. Aleksandra 11 Ltd. also will not continue with the job, if for example water or power is not available or if there is interference in the work from the Client or any other person.

8.Client who have chosen a regular service, agrees to pay weekly (7days)/fortnightly (14days)/ the full amount to Aleksandra11 Ltd.

9. Client agrees to make the payment on the date of the service or in advance.

10.  Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right, with the permission of the client first, to supervise the cleaner’s work at the Client’s premises sometimes, in order to maintain good quality of services.

11. Aleksandra 11 Ltd. provides a cleaning supervisor, who will be attending Client’s property once or twice per month, to evaluate the cleaning standard. The supervisor won’t be having a key from the Client’s property. She/He will be attending only during cleaning session. The supervisor will be carrying the appropriate identification.

12. Client isn’t allowed to ask the cleaner for any personal information like phone number, email, address etc. All the communication must go through Aleksandra 11 Ltd’s official phone line or email address.



                          1. In case of complaint, Aleksandra 11 Ltd. requires to be notified within 24 hours after cleaning work completion. Claims will not be considered after the above time limit. If the Customer is dissatisfied with the work, a cleaner will be allowed to return and re-do the job at no extra charge.

      2.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. may take up to 5 working days to respond to a complaint.

      3. Complaints are accepted in writing (letter or e mail).

      4.All fragile and breakable items must be secured or removed.

     5.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right not to be responsible for: delay for a cleaning visit due to a traffic congestion, postponed service due to broken equipment, job not complete due to lack of hot water or power and suitable cleaning materials and/or equipment in full working order provided by the Client.


1. Customer may cancel a one cleaning visit by giving at least 48 hours advanced notice .In case the Client cancels the service anyway without 48 hours notice, he/she agrees to pay the service. Customer may terminate a regular service by giving two weeks (14 days) advanced notice as specifying the last cleaning date.

2. If the cancelation is for more than one visit, the client must give two weeks (14 days) notice for pausing the service. The client understands that, if the exact notices are missing, he/she agrees to pay the services for the period. Aleksandra 11 Ltd. cannot guarantee that the same cleaner will continue after resuming the services.


     1.Client who requires regular cleaning services agrees to pay weekly (7days)/fortnightly (14days) the full amount to Aleksandra 11 Ltd. The method of payment is valid for all services of Aleksandra 11 Ltd. as client card details will not be shared with a third party.

   2.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. may accept PayPal, cheque and cash payments.

     3.Client who requires a one-off or end of tenancy cleaning (or any non regular cleaning services) agrees to pay the full amount or partly deposit to Aleksandra 11 Ltd. in advance or on the date of the service.

     4.Client understands that any ‘late payments’ may be subject to     additional charges.

     5.If payment is not made on the date of the service, then the account will be passed to a collections agency, after which a charge of 15% on top of the initial invoice due, will be added to the debt. You agree as part of this contract to pay this sum, which represents our reasonable costs in collecting the unpaid amounts.

     6.All payments must be made in Great Britain Pounds.


                        1f the Client is not satisfied with the cleaning service provided and a complaint has been placed in the stated 24 hours after the job has been completed, Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right to return a cleaner and re-clean any areas and items to Client’s satisfaction. Therefore the Client must allow the cleaner to be returned and he/she should be at present at all times during the re-clean visit. The company can compensate only with labour, not with service unpaid.

                        2. Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right to return a cleaner not more than once.

3.  Aleksandra 11 Ltd. will not attend check out process (with an estate agent) and will not be responsible in case the estate agency isn’t satisfied with the quality of the cleaning. By ordering a service, the client must visit and evaluate the cleaning at the end of it and take the process of checking out from there with the agency, without involving the cleaning company. In case the client is satisfied, but the agency isn’t afterwards, the cleaning company doesn’t take responsibility.


      1.Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to share any of the confidential company’s documents.

     2. In the unlikely event of damage or lost to the Client’s property, the cleaner is taking full responsibility. Aleksandra 11 Ltd.’s cleaners have got personal public liability insurance, which will cover any damages made by them. The Insurance cover does not include anything that may break down or stop working at any time such as: dishwasher, washing machine, oven, cookers, extractor fans, fridge, freezer, etc., any other items, instability of which the Client is already aware of such as bathroom appliances or any fixtures. The Client is obliged to warn the Company or the cleaner about appliances that are poorly fixed or not in full working order.

3. If the Client provides keys to the cleaner, the Client understands that the cleaner is responsible for the keys and the Client understands that Aleksandra 11 Ltd. does not hold any copy of these keys. However, Aleksandra 11 Ltd. reserves the right to handle the keys in some occasions (e.g. to return them to the Client).


1. When using services (one-off or regular, of any kind) from Aleksandra 11 Ltd. the Client agrees that after the termination of the cleaning service, he/she or any relative, will not hire or use any cleaning services provided by a present or past cleaner, introduced to the Client by the Company. If the Client wishes to hire or use domestic services provided by such a cleaner then he/she must pay a referral fee of £1000 to the Company.

 2. If evidence is found of the case mentioned above, but the Client did not report it and paid the sum to Aleksandra 11 Ltd., then the Company* reserves the right to take legal actions.


* In this document “the Company” is Aleksandra 11 Ltd.